Ensure the safety of your camper or caravan when you're not there with Cruisemaster's own DO45 lock.

Gen.2 DO45Plus Lock.


- The Cruisemaster™ DO45Plus Lock assembly consists of a dummy pin
- Two keys
- Lock chamber with dust cover.

How does it work:

The dummy pin is to be inserted into the DO45Plus universal joint from the top end and the tip of the pin will protrude out at the bottom. The lock is then fitted to the protruding end of the pin and can be locked with a key. The coupling becomes inoperable which prevents others being able to hitch up to your trailer or van when your not there.

IMPORTANT: Lock is suitable for use with DO45Plus Only

Not suitable for DO45 V1 or DO35 variants.

Hitchmaster is a product of Cruisemaster and has been superseded by the Cruisemaster brand. All Hitchmaster products are compatible with the Cruisemaster spare parts and accessories.

Brand Cruisemaster
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg