Bike Binderz are an innovative way to lock down your motocross bike in the back of your trailer, ute, van or toy-hauler.

Simple, lightweight and durable device eliminates tie-downs, bulky wheel chocks and not to mention that un-wanted pressure on the suspension. Designed to evolve with you, 50CC – 450CC, you’ll never have another headache with tie-downs again.

Kit includes:

- 2 Black Binderz (pair does 1 bike)
- 2 single point floor anchor's
- 1/4 inch stainless steel hardware


- Removes pressure from the front forks and seals.
- Remove the use of any tie downs, and wheel chocks.
- Comes with all necessary mounting hardware and a set of Binderz.
- Aircraft Grade Aluminium
- Breaking Strength 450kg (1500 LBS)
- Working load limit 125kg (275lbs) per pair.
- Fits most bikes with standard foot pegs.

L Tracks and extra floor anchor's sold separately. 


Do I have to drill holes to fit this?
Yes, 4 quarter inch holes to fit anchors.

How much does the bike move?
Front to back 0. Side to side 1-1.5 inch at the handlebars in rough terrain.

Is there any warranty?
Yes, all Bike Binderz come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Where are they made?
Bike Binderz are manufactured in Alberta, Canada.

Will they fit my motorcycle pegs?
They are designed to fit all factory and after-market motocross bike pegs.

Will this fit a 50CC?
Yes, Bike Binderz fits all sizes of bikes because of our unique design our chain is adjustable to accommodate any sizes. 

Are they sold in a pair?
Yes. 1 pair is for 1 bike.

What material is the product made out of?
Industrial high-grade aluminium. Coloured sets are powder coated.

Total Trailer Parts are the only authorised Australian Bike Binderz supplier. Only buy genuine!!! 

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