Salty Captain Grease Attack

The Salty Captain Grease Attack is a multi-purpose citrus degreaser that packs a powerful punch while still remaining environmentally friendly. When diluted, this product has a lot of uses. 


- Safe on all surfaces, Grease Attack is the best all-purpose cleaner to have on hand.
- At full strength it can tackle the toughest grease or stains.
- When diluted, it can smoothly remove grime while leaving finishes and colours looking like new. 

Grease Attack has several active ingredients which means that it’s far more effective if it soaks for a few minutes before it’s rinsed off.

Dilution Index:

  • Engine Degreaser 3:1
  • Floors & Walls 40:1 (Use warm water)
  • BBQ’s 2:1 (Apply to warm BBQ, then rinse. Use neat for deep clean)
  • Bathroom 3:1
  • Cement 2:1 (Use hot water)
  • Garden Furniture 20:1
  • House Exterior 40:1 (Use hot water. Add a Cup of Chlorine to remove mould)
  • Trucks 60:1 
  • Side Curtains 20:1
  • Bugs 5:1
  • Automotive Detailing 3:1
  • Marine 10:1 (Brush on, then rinse off)
  • Carpet 10:1 (For spot cleaning, use neat)
  • Plastic/Vinyl 10:1
  • Caravans 5:1
Barcode # 2000000008370
Brand Salty Captain