SPR4152G - 5 Leaf Galvanised Shackle Spring 45mm x 8mm E2E Spring GAL - 635mm - Centre Pin – 650kg 

45mm x 635mm shackle eye-to-eye spring.  Also known as a short shackle spring - Galvanised.

  • 25-inch (635mm)
  • 45mm x 8mm Leaf Spring
  • 9/16 inch shackle bolt diameter.
  • 2 x 9/16" Nylon bushes
  • Camber 100mm

How are springs rated?
Firstly, springs are tested by cyclic compression in a hydraulic press to maximum compression.
Maximum compression is approximately 50mm. After several hours of successful testing, the spring is then a rated.

Tandem trailer uses short shackle centre springs or standard offset shackle springs. It suits 13-inch and 14-inch wheels only.

Price is for one spring only.

Brand Fineline Trailers