Salty Captain 5 pack Microfibre Towel Pack

Dive into a comprehensive detailing experience with Salty Captains Microfibre Towels Set, curated specifically for car, 4WD, RV, and boat enthusiasts.


- Each towel in this set has been colour-coded, ensuring that you utilize them for their intended purpose, thus preventing any potential cross-contamination during cleaning.
- Crafted with superior microfibre, these towels are not just absorbent but exhibit a gentleness that ensures no scratches or harm to your beloved vehicle or boat. Whether used wet or dry, they promise to deliver an impeccable shine every single time.

Colour Code Guide:

  • Purple: Exclusively for glass and mirrors
  • Green: Designed for dashboards and consoles
  • Brown: Perfect for wheels and tyres
  • Grey: Ideal for the exterior body and paintwork
  • Red: Tailored for interior fabrics and upholstery

Directions for use:

  • Identify the towel's purpose based on its colour code.
  • Engage in cleaning the specific surface area on your car, 4WD, RV, or boat using the chosen towel.
  • Post-use, machine wash the towels in cold water and with similar colours. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.
  • For drying, either tumble dry on a low setting or let them air dry.
Brand Salty Captain